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Managing your grant

Acknowledging your grant

What are you required to do?

All churches receiving a grant are required to appropriately record the grant in their accounts as restricted funding. The grant should be acknowledged in your annual accounts in the year in which the grant offer is made and each financial year in which part of the funding is received.

We also ask that you acknowledge the grant in any published materials or broadcasts in relation to the funded work/project. Where appropriate, we would like you to use Cloudesley’s logo on relevant printed and digital materials. Where we assist sizeable projects, we will expect a more prominent physical acknowledgement of the charity’s support.

What else might you want to do?

Please feel free to acknowledge Cloudesley’s support in other ways too. We really like the following acknowledgement ideas which Islington churches have already used:

  • Display banners on hoardings/scaffolding either inside or outside your church. Please contact us if you would like a banner, which we can supply free of charge
  • Create a photo display (temporary or permanent) of works supported by Cloudesley
  • Mention Cloudesley in your news-sheet and provide updates on your project
  • Mention Cloudesley’s support as part of a service. If you would like a longer presentation on Cloudesley and the work of the charity, please let us know and we can provide a speaker
  • List Cloudesley on your website as a supporter of your church, perhaps with a photo of the work
  • Write a press release which mentions Cloudesley-funded works.

How should you use our name and logo?

Please refer to the charity as Cloudesley (not Richard Cloudesley’s Charity, the Cloudesley Trust, etc).

A guide to use of the logo can be downloaded below. For copies of the logo or if you have any queries, please contact us.

Logo guidelines

Contact us


Grants are paid via BACS, often in instalments and usually as per the payment schedule set out in the grant agreement form. Payment is dependent upon:

  1. the conditions of release being met for each instalment, and
  2. the church notifying Cloudesley’s office that a grant payment is required because either the church needs to pay for an item/costs covered by the grant and/or the project/works are due to start within six weeks.

Once points 1 and 2 above have been met, payment is usually made to the church within 21 days.


Cloudesley is keen to share information about the impact of its funding and to learn from the grants that it makes. To help with this, churches are asked to provide a brief report to the charity once a funded project/works have been completed.

Our standard requirements are set out below, although in some instances (e.g., for a larger grant) we may agree other reporting requirements with you.

Standard reporting requirements

Within six weeks of completing a funded project/work, please email Cloudesley’s office with a brief written report and a photograph or copy of a professional report signing off the works where appropriate. You can use Cloudesley’s Church Grants Monitoring Report Form (which will be emailed to you upon the project’s completion) or if you have already prepared a similar report for the Diocese or another funder for this work which covers the above points, you are very welcome to submit that to us instead. 

Your report should include:

  • A brief summary of the purpose of the award
  • The amount of the award and the final total cost of the works/project, with details of other funding sources
  • A brief assessment of the work that the grant supported
  • An indication of the difference has the project made to the life of the church and the church community
  • Any challenges or learning points from the project
  • The details of any contractors, whether you would recommend them and why.