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Our values

Community focused

We are an engaged and approachable local funder. We work in partnership with others to support Islington residents and organisations.


We are committed to valuing diversity, promoting equity and equal access and ensuring inclusion in all we do.


We aim to be responsive and flexible to provide the best possible support to the organisations, churches and people we work with. We listen and adapt our approaches in line with changing community needs.


We have been rooted in Islington for over 500 years, but we are also forward looking. We plan ahead and seek to balance the needs of today with those of the future.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Cloudesley is committed to valuing diversity, promoting equity and equal access, and ensuring inclusion in all it does. We recognise that we need to do more but are strongly committed to combatting racism, discrimination and inequality and ensuring that we work in order to achieve this. Our decision-making is informed by the Social Model of Disability, as defined by Inclusion London.*

We recognise the power, resources and advantages that Cloudesley has as an independent, endowed charitable trust and strive to act responsibly and fairly in line with our stated values.

We seek to develop and retain a staff team and Board that reflect the Islington community within which we work. We will identify and take positive steps to remove any barriers to participation and recruitment of people who are currently underrepresented as staff or Trustees.

*As defined by Inclusion London, the Social Model of Disability states that people have impairments but that the oppression, exclusion and discrimination people with impairments face is not an inevitable consequence of having an impairment, but is caused instead by the way society is run and organised. The Social Model of Disability holds that people with impairments are ‘disabled’ by the barriers operating in society that exclude and discriminate against them.