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Church grants awarded

Church Work/Activity Funded Grant
Christ Church Highbury Refurbishment of the church organ £65,000
Christ Church Highbury To complete the fourth and final round of Pinnacles and to carry out Stoneworks Up to £30,512
Church on the Corner A small urgent repair grant towards the roof works Up to £5,300
Church on the Corner Refurbishment of the roof  £28,000
Emmanuel Holloway Towards Lighting works that will replace fluorescent lighting tubes in main meeting rooms and add lighting to areas that currently aren’t sufficiently lit. Up to £19,176
King’s Cross Church (KXC) New, permanent flooring for King’s House entrance and Upper Room £12,000
St Andrew’s  Thornhill Square Fundraising and Project Management Consultant Up to £30,000
St Andrew’s Thornhill Square Towards urgent repair and stabilisation of the east window, urgent repairs to the spire, and ongoing monitoring £43,000
St Andrew’s Whitehall Park A top-up grant towards increased costs and additional works due to a change of specification regarding the access ramp. £9,711
St Andrew’s Whitehall Park Urgent repairs to the crucifix £4,350
St Andrew’s Whitehall Park Survey of the roof and walls in order to plan for the next phase of renovation/redevelopment £5,900
St Augustine’s Highbury   Energy efficient lighting in the main church, including rewiring.  £65,000
St Clement’s Finsbury Organ repairs and conservation £40,000
St George’s Tufnell Park The next stage of the roof covering and fascia replacement project including the support from a fundraising co-ordinator £41,000
St George’s Tufnell Park Towards the total replacement of the church’s fascia, which is zinc clad £50,000
St James Clerkenwell To pay for fundraising consultant fees for a fundraising feasibility study and prospects research £7,780
St John’s Upper Holloway Exterior stonework repairs  £60,000
St Jude and St Paul’s Church Emergency lighting, supply and installation of small power and a top up to cover increased costs £11,000
St Jude and St Paul’s Church Top-up grant towards increased costs of lighting project Up to £9,850
St Luke’s West Holloway Remedial works to the lightning conductor and urgent electrical repairs £7,400
St Luke’s West Holloway Top-up grant towards the roof works due to rising costs £10,000
St Luke’s West Holloway Roof repairs Up to £15,400
St Mark’s Clerkenwell A small urgent repair grant towards the repair of the handrails alongside the ramp to the church £2,000
St Mark’s, Tollington Park  Replacement of out dated computer equipment and software £5,530
Hope Church: St Mary Magdalene Continuing investigations and monitoring of St Mary Magdalene’s structural and fabric challenges £26,000
St Mary’s Hornsey Rise  Netting of the church  tower £23,630
St Mary’s Hornsey Rise Top-up grant towards the additional costs of netting


St Saviour’s Finsbury Park Audio Visual Upgrade Phase 1 Up to £65,000
St Saviour’s Finsbury Park Urgent repair grant towards the removal of pigeon guano from the loft space in the nave roof £10,000
St Saviour’s Finsbury Park Drainage project £30,000
St Silas Pentonville South Side Subsidence: Associated Works Up to £25,500
St Stephen’s Canonbury A small urgent repair grant towards a temporary heating solution Up to £2,500
St Stephen’s Canonbury Towards phase 1 of the electric heating system for church and halls to replace existing gas boiler Up to £65,000
St Thomas the Apostle Finsbury Park Upgrades and additions to the AV system  Up to £11,000