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Church Access Fund Guidelines

The Church Access Project is a Cloudesley initiative run in partnership with Islington Deanery and the Diocese of London. 

The project is running from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025. As part of the project, eligible Church of England churches within the London Borough of Islington are invited to apply for a grant from the Church Access Fund. The Charity regrets it is unable to accept applications from churches outside of this area of benefit.

Eligible churches can apply for a Church Access Fund grant of up to £10,000 towards projects that improve access to church buildings and church worship activities. To apply, a church must have first undertaken an Access Audit on their church building, whether funded by Cloudesley and delivered by the Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE), or undertaken separately by an appropriate professional in the last five years.


  • The Church has completed an Access Audit, either funded by Cloudesley or undertaken separately in the last five years
  • The project is focused on improving access to church buildings and church activities, preferably as recommended by the audit
  • The project falls within Cloudesley’s Church Object to make ‘grants towards the upkeep and repair of the fabric of, and the maintenance of the services in, any churches of the Church of England in the London Borough of Islington’
  • Any other funding needed for the project has been secured
  • The project is due to start imminently
  • The project and grant application have been approved by the PCC
  • A quote for the work has been provided

Grant size and duration

Applicant organisations can apply for a grant of up to £10,000 which must be spent within 12 months of the award date.

Application time period

This fund is open from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025. Churches can apply at any time within this time period. Once an application is submitted, assuming all the necessary information has been received, we will aim to notify you of our decision in three weeks.

Number of grants

This will be a non-competitive process so all churches should be able to access one grant each if the project fits the eligibility criteria. Churches cannot apply for more than one grant under this programme, although a grant could be for more than one item or project up to a total of £10,000.

Application process

Please complete the online application form which can be found here:

Access Project application form


Cloudesley is keen to understand the impact of its funding and to learn from the grants that it makes. To help with this, churches are asked to provide a brief report to the charity once a funded project/works have been completed. Within six weeks of completing a funded project/work, please email Cloudesley with a brief written report and a photograph. Your report should include:

  1. A brief summary of the purpose of the award
  2. The amount of the award and the final total cost of the works/project, with details of other funding sources
  3. A brief assessment of whether the work that was funded achieved what it aimed to do
  4. An indication of the impact and effectiveness of the work/project, as known by the date of submission
  5. Any broader learning points from carrying out the works/project (e.g. key points that you have learnt that you might want to share with other churches)

You can use Cloudesley’s Church Grants Monitoring Report Form, which will be provided to you, or if you have already prepared a similar report for the Diocese or another funder for this work which covers the above points, you are very welcome to submit that to us instead.

Further guidance for applicants

  • It is anticipated that this Fund will be used for smaller projects, or feasibility for larger projects, so that a grant of £10,000 would cover the majority of the costs. If you have a larger project, please apply to the main Church Grants programme through the usual Spring and Autumn grant rounds.
  • The purpose of the Fund is to enable churches to take forward some of the recommendations from the Access Audit. As such, we expect that the projects will directly relate to the Audit recommendations. If you would like to apply for an access project that is not recommended in the Audit, please speak to your Grants Manager before applying. This may still be possible, but we will need to understand why you are prioritising the project over the Audit recommendations, and why it did not feature in the Audit. The Grants Manager will then be able to advise whether it is likely to receive funding or not ahead of an application.


If you have access needs and require any additional support with making an application, please contact [email protected] or phone 020 7697 4049.

Contact us

Church Access Fund application form questions



Details of applicant church

Name of church, Name of contact person for this application, Contact email address

Please provide an outline of how the grant would be spent in helping the church adapt its building / or services to improve accessibility. Please reference which audit recommendations this relates to. If it does not relate to an audit recommendation, please explain why you have chosen to apply for this instead.

Tell us about the project you are applying for. What will you do? Who will undertake the work? How does it relate to your Access Audit? Please be aware that if it does not relate to your Access Audit, you should contact your Grants Manager before applying.

Please describe the difference the church expects the funding to make, in particular to increasing access to church buildings / or services.

What will the project achieve? E.g. Disabled people will be more able to participate in the service, will be able to access the church building, etc.


If any planning, faculty or other consents are required for the project to proceed, please provide details and indicate what stage the applications have reached.

What planning and Faculty are required? How far along with this process are you? Do you anticipating any issues arising? If none, put N/A.


Please provide summary details of the costings involved with an indication of how these figures have been arrived at

Outline the costs involved with the project, providing budget lines. Where have these figures come from? E.g. quote, Internet search, etc.

If the total cost of the work exceeds the grant amount, please explain how the shortfall will be covered.

If the total cost is more than the amount requested, please state how the remaining costs will be covered. This might be church reserves, congregational giving or grants from other funders. Please state whether the funding is secured or not. If there is no shortfall, write N/A.


How much are you applying for? (up to a maximum of £10,000)

Please state the requested grant amount.

Please attach the following supporting documents:

  • Access audit report
  • Latest audited accounts
  • Extract of minutes with PCC approval
  • Quotes for proposed works / purchases

Please provide all the requested documents. As the grant is for a maximum of £10,000, only one quote is required.


Declaration and Data Notice

Please read the Data Notice carefully and confirm that you are authorised to submit the application on behalf of the Church.