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Urgent Repair Grants of up to £10,000

These are intended to deal with urgent and unforeseen repairs quickly resulting in an immediate improvement to the fabric of the church building(s).

They can be used to enable works which will:

  • Address urgent health & safety issues, and/or
  • Prevent further damage to the church or property within the church if not addressed as a matter of urgency, and/or
  • Result in an immediate and essential repair thereby allowing for the continuation of services.

Other information

Urgent Repair Grants can be applied for at any point during the year.

In most instances, once all the necessary information has been received by Cloudesley, the church will be notified of the decision within two weeks.

Part funding from other sources will be looked on favourably, although it is not essential for these applications.

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, grants of under £2,000 will not be agreed.

Each eligible church can receive only one Urgent Repair Grant in any 12-month period.

How to apply

To apply, churches should contact the Charity’s Director by email including the following details: 

  • A short description of the works involved
  • The expected outcome of the works
  • An explanation of why the works are needed, along with supporting evidence (for example, a surveyor’s report and/or photos)
  • An explanation as to why the works or project cannot be funded wholly or partly by the PCC or from other sources. Reference should be made to the last set of audited accounts and the current position regarding the PCC’s unrestricted funds.

Contact Cloudesley’s Director