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Funding priorities


Cloudesley was endowed by the will of Richard Cloudesley made on 13 January 1517. The charity is now governed by a Charity Commission Scheme of 1980 as amended. Under the Scheme, half of the charity’s net income is required to be used to make ‘grants towards the upkeep and repair of the fabric of, and the maintenance of the services in, any churches of the Church of England in the London Borough of Islington’. The other half is to be used to support Islington residents with physical or mental health issues or who are disabled and in financial need, as well as the organisations working with them.

During 2019, the charity reviewed its Church Grants programme and funding priorities. A new funding programme for 2020-25 was launched in January 2020.

Church Grants Programme 2020-25

The charity’s Church Grants Programme for 2020-25 prioritises applications which address the upkeep and repair of the fabric of the church buildings, and includes the following:

Cloudesley seeks to be as helpful as possible in meeting the needs of applicant churches. The charity, however, must operate within the limits of its Church Object for which a grant can be awarded. Please do contact the charity’s office if you have questions about the Church Grants programme.

If you are disabled and the application form is inaccessible for you, access bursaries are available to help pay for support to complete it.

Access bursaries