Support for Islington residents


Cloudesley Partners Programme


Cloudesley provides small grants to Islington residents who are in physical or mental ill health and/or who are disabled, and facing financial hardship. Grants are distributed through a number of locally based voluntary organisations and charities (known as Cloudesley Partners).  During 2019/20, almost 2,500 Cloudesley Partner welfare grants were made to local people - over 1,100 more grants than the previous year.


There are currently 15 Cloudesley Partners which distribute this funding on behalf of the charity.  All of the Partners support vulnerable people across the Borough through a range of activities, targeting the most at risk groups.  A list of the current Cloudesley Partners is attached here.


If you wish to apply for a grant – either for yourself or on behalf of someone else – please have a look at the list for the most appropriate partner agency to contact, or else contact the charity’s office. Several of the Cloudesley Partner organisations are using these funds to provide emergency grants towards food and essential items during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact us if you would like us to put you in touch with an appropriate organisation. 


During the pandemic, the London Borough of Islington has made changes to its Resident Support Scheme to provide temporary financial support to residents facing severe difficulties and making it easier to apply to the Scheme.


Other sources of support for Islington residents can be found here


Catalyst Fund


Through the Catalyst Programme, Cloudesley works in partnership with Cripplegate Foundation to give small grants to individuals for personal and developmental purposes.  This creative grant-making fund allows support workers in partner agencies to provide small grants to help vulnerable local residents to develop and connect into wider opportunities.  


During 2019/20, over 200 Catalyst grants were made to Islington residents.




  Click here for advice and details of other support available