December 2018 - Project features in ACF Trust & Foundation News


We were delighted that Trust & Foundation News, the membership magazine of the Association of Charitable Foundations, chose to feature our Sustainable Church Buildings Project in an in-depth article.

We hope that this will inspire other funders like us to adopt this kind of model, and fund environmental improvements in other churches around the country.


December 2018 – Celebrating what we’ve achieved together

Representatives of all the local Church of England churches gathered in St Andrew’s Church Thornhill Square to celebrate what has been achieved by the Sustainable Church Buildings Project and think about the way forward.

The church representatives were joined at the event by the Archdeacon of Hackney, The Rev Liz Adekunle, who gave thanks for the funding.

The Islington Area Dean, Rev Jess Swift, spoke about how determined the churches are to maintain the momentum from the project, and keep working together to help the environment. Speakers from Eco Churches and the Church of England spoke about steps the churches could take, to become even more environmentally-friendly.

National funder, Allchurches Trust, were also represented. Allchurches have joined Cloudesley in funding the project.



November 2018 - Assessing our impact


All the grants have now been awarded; £241k of small grants and £290k of large grants, including £45k of match-funding from Allchurches Trust.

If all the projects go ahead to implementation, then the saving will be nearly 100 tonnes of CO2 per year, a 15% reduction. This is a very significant step forward. There are also other benefits for the churches, through reductions in their utility bills, and warmer & brighter church spaces.

Here at St Augustine, the benefits are clear to see!

July 2018 - Projects getting underway


It's exciting for us to hear that some churches have already started making changes under their small grants. For example, the main church lighting at St James Clerkenwell is now energy efficient, including their stunning Tom Dixon chandelier.


The windows in the hall at Holy Redeemer have had secondary glazing fitted, and the lighting designer at St Mark's Clerkenwell has started work. Progress!

Obviously, some projects will take much longer to get started, if they require designing and then going through the faculty/planning processes, but it's great to see the first few get going.


June 2018 - Strategic match-funding received from Allchurches Trust


Because we were so heavily over-subscribed, Cloudesley applied to Allchurches Trust for strategic match-funding for the Sustainable Church Buildings Project and have been successful in gaining a grant of £45,000 to administer alongside our own £442,000. This means we will be able to help more of the churches who submitted a large grant expression of interest (although unfortunately still not all).

Allchurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making charities. In 2017, Allchurches Trust gave £15.6 million to churches, charities and communities. The Allchurches money will sit alongside our grants, and will be administered by Cloudesley. Critically, the churches receiving it will still be eligible to apply to Allchurches directly for other unrelated projects.


May 2018 - Sustainable Church Buildings Project wins an award!

The Islington Sustainable Church Buildings Project has been awarded a prize by the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN).

The project has been awarded second place in the 2018 ECEN Roman Juriga Award, which recognises inspirational innovation in church environmental projects across Europe. The prize includes an invitation to accept the award at the ECEN Assembly in October 2018, as well as 1000 Euros.
You can read more about this on the Diocese of London website here.