Grant acknowledgement


Your grant from Cloudesley should be acknowledged in your annual accounts in the year in which the grant offer is made and each financial year in which part of the funding is received. 


Cloudesley should be referred to in published materials or any broadcasts in relation to the funded work/project. Where appropriate, we would like you to use Cloudesley's logo on relevant printed and digital materials. A guide to use of the logo can be downloaded here. For copies of the logo or if you have any queries, please contact


Where we assist sizeable capital projects, we would like you to include a more prominent physical acknowledgement of Cloudesley's support.



Monitoring Report


Within six weeks of completing a funded project/work, please complete the Church Grants Monitoring Report Template, and include a photograph or copy of a report signing off the works where appropriate. The report should include:

       - A brief summary of the purpose of the award

       - The amount of the award and the final total cost of the works/project, with details of other                      funding sources

       - A brief assessment of whether the work that was funded achieved what it aimed to do

       - An indication of the impact and effectiveness of the work/project, as known by the date of                      submission