Support for Islington churches


Through its Church Grants programme, Cloudesley provides support for eligible Church of England churches in the Islington Deanery. The Charity is not able to support other churches.  Details of other possible sources of funding can be found on the Links page of this website.


In line with its Charity Commission Scheme, Cloudesley's grants are made towards "the upkeep and repair of the fabric of, and maintenance of the service in, any churches of the Church of England in the area of the London Borough of Islington".  Following a review of its Church Grants funding programme, Cloudesley agreed a Church Grants programme for 2014-17. This programme has now been extended and will run until June 2019.   


The Charity currently holds two funding rounds for the eligible churches each year, in Spring and Autumn. 


If you have any questions about the Church Grants programme or an application which you would like to make, please contact the Charity's office.