Health grants for organisations


Impact of Coronavirus


Along with over 350 other funders, Cloudesley is a signatory of the London Funders’ statement on Covid-19.  This means that we are committed to working flexibly with Cloudesley-funded organisations over the coming months and being as supportive as we can by:


  • Adapting activities
  • Discussing dates
  • Financial flexibility
  • Listening


In February 2021, through its Small Grants Fund, Cloudesley agreed support for 14 local organisations for work with some of the Islington residents most adversely affected by the impacts of coronavirus.  See here for details of grants awarded. 


If you are funded by Cloudesley, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss any issues relating to a current grant.


  • Small Grants Fund


To help local organisations respond to and recover from coronavirus, the charity is running an additional Small Grants Fund in 2020/21. Organisations can apply for funding of up to £10,000 towards a project/work from March 2021 for up to 12-months.  We are prioritising funding for projects/work with people who have been most badly affected by the impacts of Covid-19, including Black and minority ethnic communities, disabled people, people living in poverty, as well as other groups disproportionately affected by coronavirus. For further details, including how to apply, see here.


Health Grants for Organisations Programme (2019-24)


Cloudesley’s Health Grants to Organisations Programme is a 5-year programme running from 2019-2024 which aims to reduce health inequalities in Islington by improving health outcomes amongst people who are living in poverty and experiencing multiple disadvantage.


The Health Grants for Organisations programme is comprised of:


  • Principal Grants Fund


The Principal Grants Fund will provide a small number of larger, multi-year grants to established voluntary sector organisations with a track record of delivering positive health outcomes for local residents.  Grant funding can be used for core running costs or towards specific project costs.


The first four 3-year grants agreed through this fund were made in June 2019, with five further grants agreed in September 2020.


  • Development Fund


The Development Fund aims to provide local organisations with the flexibility and initial funding to develop specific projects to test a new approach to tackling health inequalities or address an identified gap in local service provision. Cloudesley will work in partnership with delivery organisations and other relevant partners to co-produce these projects.


Strategic Grants Fund

Cloudesley has also agreed multi-year grants for organisations supporting Islington residents with health needs through providing outreach and advice services. This fund also includes the Charity’s contribution to Islington Giving, an independent group of funders, businesses, voluntary organisations and residents working together to tackle poverty and inequality in Islington.



For further details of previous grant awards, please see here.