About us

Cloudesley’s values


Cloudesley seeks to be an approachable, focused, responsive, fair and accountable organisation


It aims to be a relational rather than transactional funder, recognising that developing relationships and trust with the organisations and churches that it supports is mutually beneficial


Cloudesley will be transparent and open about its decision-making and processes, unless it is impossible or not appropriate


As an engaged place-based funder, Cloudesley is keen to:


  • Make the most of all its resources, providing other types of support where possible, such as, sharing information, facilitating networking, learning from its funding and sharing this learning where appropriate 


  • Work in partnership with others to co-ordinate and improve impact


Cloudesley is committed to valuing diversity, promoting equity and equal access, and ensuring inclusion in all it does. We recognise that we need to do more but are strongly committed to combatting racism, discrimination and inequality and ensuring that we work in order to achieve this.

We recognise the power, resources and advantages that Cloudesley has as an independent, endowed charitable trust and strive to act responsibly and fairly in line with our stated values.

We seek to develop and retain a staff team and Board that reflect the Islington community within which we work. We will identify and take positive steps to remove any barriers to participation and recruitment of people who are currently underrepresented as staff or Trustees.