500 years

The Charity’s history dates back to January 1517, when Islington resident Richard Cloudesley wrote his will. In this will, Richard Cloudesley left ‘a parcel of ground called the Stony Fields' and set out a variety of religious and charitable bequests.


Richard Cloudesley’s original 14 acres, the Stony Fields, are now bound by Liverpool Road, Cloudesley Place, Cloudesley Road and Richmond Avenue, and the Charity still owns around 100 property units on the Stonefield or Cloudesley Estate. Income from these properties together with the trust’s investment portfolio will enable the Charity to provide support for needs in Islington in perpetuity. 


During 2016/17 the charity has commissioned Dr Cathy Ross to carry out further research into Richard Cloudesley, the history of the charity and the development of the Cloudesley Estate. To download the full research report please click here.